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Marketing Consultancy Services

I almost didn’t put a Services page on my own website. Weird, right?

In reality, I won’t attempt to “sell” you anything until I meet you and understand what drives your business. And even then, how we work together would likely look very different than how I work with other clients.

But “consultancy” is enigmatic enough. Let’s break it down a little bit. In general, my services fall into three main categories:

Marketing Education and Strategy

(i.e. the answer to “What the H&*$ is Going On?” or “Now What?”)

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • I’m spending a lot of money on marketing, but I have no idea whether it’s working or not.
  • I just got a quote for a (new website, marketing service, etc.), and it seems outrageous. Is that right? Where do I go from here?
  • I know I need to work on marketing, but I don’t even know where to start.

Having a neutral, experienced third party on your side can help you:

  • Learn more quickly, and install tracking mechanisms to understand ROI.
  • Prevent waste by uncovering options for marketing that you didn’t even know existed.
  • Find cost-effective ways to do things (purely objectively, since my own revenue is not generally based on the actual doing of those things).

Training and Brainstorming Sessions Start at


Initial consultations are free. One-time sessions start at $300, or we can build a plan based on how much help you need.

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Business Owner Marketing Support

(i.e. the antidote to “I Don’t Have Time for This…”)

You’re probably wearing a lot of hats.  Only one of them is marketing, and you have only so much time to spend on it.  This creates fertile ground for both missed potential and waste.

Most often, I see owners in this situation with one or more underperforming agency/service provider relationship.  Sometimes, that’s the fault of the agency/provider.  Other times, it’s the fault of the owner for not paying enough attention.  Usually it’s some combination of both.

I help cut through the “maze” and shoulder some of the burden.  That way, business owners can get their marketing to a more sustainable, profitable point. 

I can also help with marketing change management (i.e. launching a new website, hiring an internal or external marketing team for the first time, etc.).

Troubleshooting Engagements Start at


Initial consultations are free. "Troubleshooting" starts at $1,500, with an ongoing retainer or follow-up project if needed.

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Marketing "Team-of-One" Support

(i.e. another antidote to "I Don’t Have Time for This…")

When a business is growing but not huge, there is often enough revenue to support a single full-time marketing resource. But unfortunately, there’s usually not enough “owner” to go around to manage that resource.

Sometimes it's a more “junior” or inexperienced marketing person, and outside support is needed. No matter how awesome they are, inexperienced people cannot be expected to know what they haven't yet had the opportunity to learn. Also, if a junior person is managing an agency/service provider relationship (especially a long-standing one), it might be hard for them to facilitate change when needed.

Other times, it's a more senior marketing director. Support is still needed, but it's just a different kind.  Two brains are always better than one, especially if the second brain is free from the “group think” that often exists within an already successful company.

Team-of-One Support Engagements Start at


Initial consultations are free.  Support engagements (including an initial discovery with the owner) start at $2,500, with an ongoing retainer or follow-up project if needed.

Engagements are flexible   Schedule Your Free Consult Now

If You Need Some Sort of Marketing Help Not Listed Here, Just Ask!

I may not be able to help directly, but I could point you in the right direction.