Christina Ousouljoglou


  • “You literally transformed my business.  I can't thank you enough.”
    Fitness Franchisee, Illinois
  • “You’re one of the few people I've trusted completely to work on my business, because you’re smart and I know you have its best interests at heart.”
    Vice President, Connecticut
  • “Christina is driven and detail oriented with sound leadership qualities and strong communication skills. Our interactions are always enjoyable and Christina is an absolute pleasure to have as a business partner.”
    Printing Company CEO, Maryland
  • “Christina is my mentor and role model…. I admire her and everything that she stands for. Christina would be an asset to any company.”
  • “Problem Solver is what comes to mind when I think about Christina.  She is a natural born leader with a strong intuition.  If anything ever went wrong, Christina would always have a solution.  I learned so much from working with her.”
3x revenue

Client: Fitness Franchisee

Services: Lead generation form improvement, email marketing, marketing strategy advice

Results: New conversion forms brought in 163 qualified leads in a single year. Email open rates increased 15% and click-through increased 100%. 

Annualized revenue has tripled since.

Increase in Conversion Rate

Client: Tool Manufacturer

Services: Website strategy, SEO, pay per click, email marketing, marketing strategy advice

Results: 167% increase in conversion rate and 91.36% increase in website visits (mostly from organic traffic).

Increase in Revenue MoM

Client: Wood Products Distributor

Services: Pay per click, marketing strategy advice

Results: 244.29% increase in month over month revenue and 126.10% increase in ROI over the same period via Google AdWords.

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